febrero 02, 2011

Chapter 3 " The party "

                It wasn’t even eight o’clock yet and I left the house, running to the party.  When I arrived, I noticed that there were many young men and women that I barely recognized.  The bonfires were lit and crackling, the music played and everyone was dancing around the fire, singing and drinking among laughter and shouts.  I witnessed the festivities and experienced it alone, from a corner.  I watched as the light of the full moon illuminated the countryside, the mountains, the lake, etc…
                Watching the stars, shining strongly as if it were the last time they were to give light, I caught a familiar scent that made my heart beat quickly.  I then felt a light touch on my back, and as though I already knew whose it was, my body began to tremble.  There was no doubt about it, it was her smell and her way of calling my attention.
                “What are you doing over here all alone, Daniel?  Are you not having fun?”
“Of course, the party’s great and you…you look more beautiful than the moon itself.”  What?  How had I found the courage to say that?  For a moment I hoped she hadn’t heard me, but Nassay fixed her gaze on me and said the words the I will never forget.
“Daniel, I wanted to say that you mean so much to me, even though we barely know each other.  True, we’ve spent very little time together, but I feel that you are the most important boy in my life.  You don’t have to worry about impressing me, and there’s no need to be jealous of anyone.  There’s no one else like you.  Enjoy the party.”
Without any further explanation, she put her hand on the back of my neck, sending a great chill running through every inch of my body and brought her mouth to mind, immersing me in a sweet and passionate kiss that I’ll never forget.
My entire being trembled like a wild beast abandoned in a cold winter storm.  I thought for a moment that my heart would leap from my chest and even my sight left me.  Without offering any more words, she left, returning to the guests and livening up the party like only she was able to do.
                I could not keep my eyes off her and my mind off the kiss that had seared my lips and soul.  That showing of passion tricked me in approaching that great mass of people in search of a large drink, or maybe two, downing them as if I had just arrived from a desert.
                I smile split my face from ear to ear and even though a few people looked at me surprised, the alcohol in the drink and the feeling of being the most powerful man on the planet made me jump and pump my fist in the air.
                The party past happily for me at least and without saying goodbye to anyone I left in my cloud, floating homeward.

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